Strive for Excellence

A Small Business Website Redesign

Striving for Excellence Inc. is a nonprofit working to solve problems of hunger and poverty in the Round Rock, Texas area.

We created a user friendly and efficient website that would better serve those in need requesting assistance as well as appeal to potential donors and accomodate volunteers. 

Not Mobile Friendly

The existing site was made on a budget and was not tested across mobile devices or standard desktop sizes.

Problematic Assistance Forms

The existing site implemented a template form rather than creating a custom form to accommodate the specific information needed by Striving For Excellence Inc.

Poorly Designed

The overall design of the existing site was built on a template that did not accommodate the informational content.

Site Not Secure

  • The SSL certificate wasn’t installed, causing some browsers to halt interaction with the site. 
  • The original developers left no security measures in place, leaving the site wide open for attacks.      

Illegal Use of Images

The previous designers had provided images that were not labeled for commercial or personal re-use, thereby opening up Striving for Excellence Inc. to a host of potential legal problems.

Installed WordPress, Divi and Custom Coded Forms

Installing WordPress, Divi and the customized forms solved multiple problems for Striving for Excellence Inc!

Not Mobile FriendlySolved through Divi and testing to make sure the site would effectively translate across all devices, mobile or desktop. 

Problematic Assistance Forms – Solved through a customized form utilizing conditional logic functions that automatically adjusts care forms to accomodate the specific user.

Poor Design – Solved with Divi because our design options are limitless! Our designers worked closely with Striving for Excellence Inc. to make sure we understood their vision, as well as the mindsets of their users so as to accomodate their individual needs. 

Site Not Secure – Solved through WordPress and Hosting resolution. 

  • Most hosting companies provide SSL certificates, making this an easy fix. We offer hosting to our clients where this isn’t an option. 
  • By utilizing WordPress, as opposed to coding the website through html and css, we ensure our sites are updated and protected against the latest security threats. 

Illegal Use of Images – Solved through our Stock Image Subscription Assets.

  • We subscribe to stock image providers to ensure that only professional high resolution photos that are in compliance with copyright laws are used on our sites. 

Happy Client and Happy Users! 

Creating a visually appealing, dynamic, and mobile friendly website has helped Striving for Excellence Inc. get the word out about their organization and has offered an invaluable resource to those in need. 

Increased Operating Efficiency

An easy to navigate and intuitive user experience better regulates user action:

  • donors get the information they need and are better presented opportunities for donations 
  • those in need are guided to the appropriate request forms and information.
  • The customized assistance and contact forms allow the volunteers to more efficiently process requests for services, thereby expediting services to those in need and streamlining volunteer efforts!

Increased Accesibility! 

By offering a mobile friendly version of the site, Striving for Excellence Inc. has been able to increase the reach of it’s message and services to those in need who have reduced access to computers as well potential donors.