Juniper Building Company

A Small Business Website 

Juniper Building Company is an innovative custom home builder in the Greater Austin area.

We created Juniper Building Company’s site from the ground up, creating optimized text content to improve searchability, backlinks, and we even provided photography and photo editing services. We created Juniper Building Company’s entire site content and put them on them on the map. 

Juniper Building Company had unique vision for their portfolio site and we were able to bring it all to life

Click through to see the what Juniper Building Company expected out of their new site and how we went above and beyond!

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Needed a Portfolio

Juniper Building Company wanted a site that gave an intimate look of the bespoke homes for future clients.

Optimized Content

Site wasn’t mobile, or even table friendly. There was one version, which was built for a desktop. 

Photos and Photo Editing

The software had little to no security measures in place. Client received multiple spam signups, causing them to doubt the authenticity of actual customers, and took away valuable time better spent on actually running their business.   

Installed WordPress, provided Text Optimization and Content Creation, and Photography Services

Needed a Portfolio – Solved though Divi’s highly intuitive, front-end editor. Dragonfly Digital also provides tutorials and hands-on help to ensure the site is easy for clients to update and edit on their own – without needing to be dependent on coders and developers! 

Optimized Content – Solved again through Divi and the ability to translate across all devices, mobile or desktop. 

Photos and Photo Editing – Solved with Divi because our design options are limitless! Our designers worked closely with Xotic Customs to make sure we understood their vision, as well as the mindset of Xotic Customs own customer base to ensure their website appealed to that demographic.  

    A Beautiful Showcase of the Clients Work

    Our designers brought the clients vision to life and created a minimalist clean website to showcase Juniper Building Company’s work. 

    Higher Search Engine Results

    By creating the text content and optimizing it for search engines as well including back links throughout the site, we raised Juniper Building Company’s online visibility ten fold.