Chef’s Dog Treats

An eCommerce Small Business Website

Chef’s Dog Treats is a new small boutique business creating delicious doggie treats! 

We created a fun new design for a website and ecommerce store using WordPress and WooCommerce. 

Chef needed a fun design to highlight her speciality boutique business. 

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Needed an Online Presence Chef could Maintain 

Chef didn’t have an online presence for her product besides social media. She wanted a simple way to add new products or make changes if needed. 

E-Commerce Store

She had no way to easily accept payment.   

Fun Design to Match Product Branding

Chef wanted a fun design to match her brand design.

Installed WordPress, Divi and WooCommerce

Installing WordPress, Divi and WooCommerce solved multiple problems for Chef’s Dog Treats!

Easily Maintain Website – Solved though installing Divi and WooCommerce! 

Fun New Design – Solved with Divi because our design options are limitless! Our designers worked closely with Chef’s Dog Treats to make sure we understood their vision.   

E-Commerce Store – Solved through WooCommerce. We setup and helped acclimate the client on WooCommerce, a powerful open-source, completely customizable, safe and secure eCommerce platform. 

    One Empowered Client! 

    Utilizing Divi and it’s highly intuitive interface, empowers our clients to easily make changes to their website. We are also here to answer any questions, and provide, not only one on one training, but also offer several tutorial videos as well. 

    Increased Conversion Rates 

    Creating a visually appealing, dynamic, and mobile friendly website increases time potential and current customers spend on the website, thereby increasing the likelihood of sales!