Small Business Web Designs

From personal chefs, to home builders, to landscapers, our websites authentically express our work and commitment to client-first web design. Each of our designs is based on the client’s unique needs and brand identity.

For your small business, along with a landing page, we can also create a professional portfolio – which can be easily updated with new jobs, a testimonial section, a captivating contact us section, and an e-commerce store. We’ll also incorporate proven SEO techniques to optimize your website for search engines, and marketing strategies to increase sales.

Feel free to visit the small business sites linked below, and discover for yourself how we create unique websites based on each of our client’s needs.

We charge $75 an hour, and include an SEO strategy, so your unique website will be seen! 

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 Small Business

Juniper Building Company specializes in building custom homes and needed a website to showcase their skilled work. We built the site from scratch and provided the photography services as well. Our objective was to provide an intimate look of the bespoke homes for future clients.

Small Business

Rowena needed a new website to advertise her personal chef and catering services. We focused on user friendly design, and prominent contact clickables to encourage future client interactions.

Small Business Design

Pam’s site was in need of an update, so we lovingly obliged! Her makeover included a photography session and a classic feel to the website design with an added modern twist.

Small Business Design

Our objective with East Side Fence was to increase organic SEO search ranking and provide Kenny’s customers with a pleasing UX design with business functionalities, such as a gallery of his phenomenal fences and a prominent contact form.

Happy Clients!